About Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker is a landscape photographer based in Whitehorse,Yukon. Originally born in St Johns, Newfoundland. At the age of seven he moved FAR up north to one of the most beautiful places in Canada - Whitehorse,Yukon. A place where the mountains touch the clouds, the air is fresh and the Northern lights dance across the night skies.

Growing up in such a beautiful place he quickly found himself enjoying how quiet and peaceful nature is and the beauty that surrounded him. However, Jonathan's passion for landscape photography has taken him to some of the most beautiful places around the world. From black sand beaches of Iceland, red sand deserts of Arizona, exploring in glacier cave's to waterfalls surrounded by the beautiful forest of Oregon.

His approach to photographing landscape is to highlight the natural beauty of the location and capture the locations atmosphere so the viewer can be drawn into the photo and feel like they were there right beside him.

“ Live the life others won't for a couple years so you can live the life others can't for the rest of your life..


Jonathan's work has been seen worldwide, From National Geographic to being displayed on the walls of the "California academy of science museum". He also has won a prestigious TIPA trophy award and a large variety of media ranging from magazines, books, Trierenberg Super Circuit, Daily mail and other news outlets,North of ordinary,Landscape photography Magazine, NASA,  Popular photographyTravel Iceland, outdoor photographer, Terramater and many more.